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Travel. Read. Think.

After leaving my previous company, I spent a few months traveling and volunteering. While taking the time to cross off things on my bucket list, I started my journey to design by organizing and analyzing resources on UX/UI design that have been collected earlier.

Make S.M.A.R.T Goals. Execute My Study Plan.

With advice from Karen, who taught herself design in 6 months and landed a job at a startup, I started to execute my own study plan.

This post by a product designer at Pinterest helped me fine tune my study on UX/UI.

Start With The Foundation: Graphic Design

  • Drew 1 hour everyday to practice my sketching.
  • Took the course on Coursera to build a foundation on color, typography and grid design.
  • Read smashing magazine to keep up with the latest trend and techniques.

Learn By Practice: UX/UI and Interaction Design

  • Started with Don't Make Me Think! to get the right mindset in good user experience practices.
  • Took the course on Coursera to learn methodology on user experience research and prototyping.
  • Learnt the basic and advanced techniques in Interaction Design on to make effective, engaging and interactive design.
  • Re-designed existing websites and mobile apps, and built my portfolio. Practice is the best way to learn design.

Learn From The Professionals

Design With Codes: HTML, CSS and JavaScript

Hone My Skills

Apart from drawing and designing, I spend 1 to 3 hours daily on reading to keep my skills sharp.

Keep Learning And Have Fun

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